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Image Comments Free Demo

Image is worth a thousand comments

Copy-paste images to any Blueprint! Anything from anywhere!
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  • Copy-Paste from anywhere
  • Adjustable color and opacity
  • Uniform scaling or stretching
  • Renders behind nodes
  • Support for Blueprints, Animation Blueprints, Function Libraries, Macro Libraries
  • Customisable settings
  • Wide UE4 support - 4.19 - 4.26+
  • Allows copy pasting of Alpha Layers (tested on GIMP)
  • Support for your favorite editors Gimp/Photoshop/etc
  • Source code available
  • Easy installation - Installer available
  • Try out demo!

Reselect Plugin GitHub Download

No more manual reselecting of actors!
Free and Open Source

Keeps all selected actors selected after playing the game in editor!
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Github Source

Examples and Tutorials

Custom Assets GitHub

A simple example demonstrating creation of custom asset type and a custom asset category. This example works on UE4.25+

More tutorials are coming soon!